LX HAUSYS announces new logo & brand identification of HIMACS, Viatera & HFLOR



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Besides changing the LG Hausys brand logo to LX Hausys. Recently, LX Hausys continues to announce a new change in the brand identity of 3 main product lines:

  • HIMACS (Solid Surface artificial stone line)
  • Viatera (quartz-based artificial stone line)
  • HFLOR (LX Hausys vinyl flooring series).



In particular, HFLOR is a new brand for the LX Hausys vinyl flooring line. HFLOR takes ′′ H “ from Hausys and uses an abbreviated term for the floor. And the diagonal upward on the letter ′′ L ′′ represents LX Hausys' mission to create a more sustainable future. The HIMACS, Viatera logo also inherits a diagonal design depicting a leap into a sustainable future and enhanced symbolism to effectively convey the LX Hausys brand image.






HFLOR - New brand for LX Hausys vinyl flooring. HFLOR provides high-class vinyl flooring in sheets/rolls for commercial and residential projects. With exclusive technology, the product's grain patterns accurately reproduce the texture and natural beauty of wood and granite with a variety of designs and colors, helping to maintain the beauty of nature for a long time and a markedly different experience for customers. HFLOR products are fully recyclable, partly made from recycled materials, and free of substances that can degrade indoor air quality.

Viatera is a high-grade quartz-based artificial stone, containing up to 93% natural quartz core, so it possesses superior durability and hardness compared to other stones (hardness is only second to diamond in terms of hardness due to the MOHS scale). The material presents a luxurious, nature-friendly aesthetic. Produced by state-of-the-art technology, it faithfully simulates textures and patterns found only in natural stone, bringing the beauty of nature into the design of any space. Viatera is a non-porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain. It is also resistant to stains and scratches that occur in daily life.

The HIMACS Solid Surface Series of artificial stone is widely used for architectural and interior applications such as high performance and sculptural wall cladding, as well as finishing surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. It is the ideal material for commercial, residential, and public space projects. HIMACS consists of minerals, acrylics, and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non-porous and seamless surface that meets the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, fabrication, function, and Hygienic - offers many advantages over other conventional materials. Besides, the product also has the ability to bend, and flexibly create 3D shapes with a variety of colors and texture designs to help realize all your ideas.

HOMEMAS continues to be the exclusive distributor of these product lines of LX HAUSYS (predecessor LG Hausys) in the Vietnam market.


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➤ ➤ Reference sources:

1. Notice from LX Hausys about the change

2. Reference link for global press release


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