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HI-MACS® Marmo, a contemporary collection that embodies the organic look of natural stone. A captivating combination of veined patterns and translucent chips, solid surface has never looked so natural, rich and exotic. The embedded fine particulates conjure the essence of select marble while softly accenting the luxurious, enchanting hues in which they lie amid.

Aurora Collection

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Marmo Collection

Experience more details about Marmo Collection

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Introducing HI-MACS® Aster, the next dimension in solid surface. Out of this world colors are fused with large transparent chips to emphasize today's new quartz styles while maintaining all of the potential of solid surface. Ethereal. Mesmerizing. Permanent.
This simple color palette of our Aster line features mother-of-pearl shimmer and glass-like transparent grain.


"Active" best describes the patterns and tones found in our Volcanics line. Stunning arrays of variegated flecks are cast throughout handsome, compelling shades ranging from lighter pearl-like tones through deep, undulating grays. Large translucent chips in HI-MACS® Volcanics create dazzling color options, giving your surface breathtaking depth and clarity.


Natural trendy colors characterised by linear-edged, midsize particles: three of those designed by Dutch Star Designer, Marcel Wanders.


Granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such a holocrystalline rock. A huge selection of textures and colors. Natural, elegant and perfect to combine.


Basic-solid colors create a snug atmosphere for life & work. The nature to bring great complications to simplicity is what brings life back to the quintessence. The space for your dream such as art gallery. From elegant to extravagant, classic to ultra-contemporary-this is a limitless collection.


Dramatic effect derives from what is probable, and not from what is possible.” - Aristotle - When combined with precisely positioned light sources, the translucent pastel shades become transformed into dramatic design highlights.

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