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Metastone is a brand of HOMEMAS, for high-class quartz stone products (Quartz surface) manufactured 100% in Vietnam

The composition of Metastone includes:

- 90% natural quartz – colored grains/stone veins

- 10% Polyester glue to bind the quartz component.                   

Metastone is a product of HOMEMAS made in Vietnam, the product meets TCVN and export standards.

Viatera is a high-end quartz product line of LX Hausys group (predecessor LG Hausys) imported from LX factories located in the US and China.

Standard Metastone specification is 3200mm x 1600mm x 20mm

Metastone has many production specifications, thickness of 15,18,20,25,30mm can meet flexibly as required by customers. The variable universal line is 20mm.

Metastone Quartz too hard to scratch and break because quartz is one of the hardest stones in nature.

Metastone is less affected by heat, which increases the direct heat resistance of artificial quartz stone.

Pattern and colors of Metastone stone are variaties and can replace natural stone products, meeting the aesthetic needs of many interior finishing items.

Metastone artificial quartz stone is warranted for 1 year on installation techniques and 10 years on product surface quality.

The products provided by Metastone are all surface polished during the production process and coated with PE layer to protect the surface. Once Metastone is permanently installed, the customer only needs to peel off the PE protective layer on the surface to use. Do not re-polishing the stone surface in any way, the product will be polished with specialized tools and glue after many years of use according to customer needs.

The edges are applied by Metastone according to the sample table issued with an additional fee for each sample selected by the customer.