Viatera Quartz Surface


Made of 93% natural quartz, Quartz Surface Viatera has high hardness and extremely unique and delicate patterns with many Viatera veins that are endless inspiration for creativity.




- Size:

✔️ Jumbo: 1600 x 3300mm

✔️ Semi-Jumbo: 1600 x 3200mm

✔️ Standard: 1400 x 3000mm

- Thickness: 20mm and 30mm



- Extreme hardness: Viatera is made of 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth.

- Ensure hygiene: Viatera is constructed with a surface layer without microscopic holes, so the surface is always clean.

- Anti-fouling: Viatera is resistant to penetration, completely removing the factor that causes stains and discoloration.

- Good insulation: Viatera is resistant to heat from kitchen appliances.

- Easy to clean: Non-staining and easy to clean, Viatera is the ideal material for bathrooms, kitchens...










 Specific gravity (g/cm³)




 Abrasion resistance (mm²)

 150 ~ 350

 100 ~ 250

 125 ~ 150

 Coefficient of thermal expansion

 3.8 x 10^-6

 8.5 x 10^-6

 15 x 10^-6

 Frost & defrost

 Very small effect

 Very small effect

 No effect

Use as a tabletop





With state-of-the-art production technology, the Viatera series of engineered stones offers users products with amazingly high quality and aesthetics in interior products.


The reason behind Viatera’s extreme hardness:

Viatera engineered stone is a stone made with the main material of 93% natural quartz core combined with additives. Natural quartz stone is a super hard, super durable stone. Hardness is second only to diamond. Viatera engineered stone production technology is based on natural quartz and bonded by polymer resin. Thereby making Viatera engineered stone more scratch-resistant and water-resistant than other materials.

Viatera engineered stone uses modern vibrating technology, the elements of natural stone are pressed together in a vacuum environment. The structure of the Viatera engineered stone is made up of surrounding polymer chains. After the process of shaping the links of the rock is formed, catalysts and bonding additives are used to reattach them and the Viatera quartz-based engineered stone is formed.




Viatera engineered stone is manufactured in five lines according to the advanced technology of the Korean brand LX Hausys (predecessor LG Hausys). The brand has a long history and developed many of today's latest techniques. Viatera engineered stone products supply the market with millions of square meters every year. It is the preferred choice of material for architecture for every project because of its outstanding features such as:

✔️ Diverse designs: More than 100+ color ranges, unique designs, to meet all customer needs.

✔️ High durability: Contains up to 93% natural quartz core. The feng shui stone line is sought after by many homeowners, so you are completely assured of its waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, termite, chemical resistant properties of quartz-based artificial stone Viatera compared to marble, granite...

✔️ Distinctive products: LX Hausys always focuses on investing in people, research, and product development staff. Create unique and impressive designs, perse with every project.

✔️ Safe and environmentally friendly: Viatera stone is granted international certificates such as NSF, and Green Guard, ... affirming that Viatera engineered stone products are 100% safe, and friendly to users and the environment.

✔️ Easy to clean: Some stones such as granite and marble need to be re-polished. Viatera engineered stones (quartz-based engineered stones) are very easy to be cleaned with just ordinary detergent. Helps save costs for users without having to change new materials. Maintain beautiful durability for a long time of use.




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