10+ Most Unique European-Style Kitchen Ideas 2022

Following the modern and luxurious trend, European-style kitchens are the dream of many homeowners. So, how do arrange the kitchen and cooking area in harmony, smooth and stylish? Today, HOMEMAS would like to introduce to you the knowledge of the unique European kitchen design rules.


What is European Kitchen Style?

Europe is the motherland of the leading interior architecture styles in the world today. The characteristic of a European-style kitchen is a unique blend of simplicity, elegance but extremely luxurious and modern. This style is increasingly popular with young people because it brings suitable functions and combinations, creating comfort for users.


Tips for European-Style Kitchen Design

1. Notes on colors for the kitchen

Color is the most important factor because if the color scheme is not standard, it is easy to destroy the harmony in the space.

For example, European-style kitchens often prioritize bright colors such as white, beige which are more commonly used.

2. Materials

Kitchens of European styles are indispensable in the presence of artificial or natural paving stones combined with materials from wood.




3. Fully integrated kitchen utensils

Full range of tools inside the kitchen such as a system of specialized drawers for storage, smart multi-purpose kitchen items such as pull-out plate shelf, food storage cabinet, and similar items.

4. Convenience

Some suggestions for the kitchen, if the space in the kitchen is relatively large, you can choose an L-shaped kitchen or a kitchen island against the wall. Make sure the corners of the cabinet should not be opposite the door, in order to help the space look more harmonious.

In addition, when designing, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of switches, electrical sockets should not be covered by other furniture or the height of kitchen cabinets needs to be calculated to suit housewives.


TOP 10+ Most Impressive European-Style Kitchen Models


This is a kitchen inspired by the renovation by using natural wood dining tables and chairs and brown wood floors, combined with furniture in which the kitchen wall is pure white. The characteristic of European kitchens is that there is always a fireplace next to the dining table because of the cold temperature of the temperate zone.



The inspiration for the kitchen renovation with the white marble kitchen table and the main color of the kitchen is warm and white, creating a cozy kitchen space.



A traditional European country-style kitchen from the kitchen of the Hungarian Farm, Phoenix. In which the kitchen includes the counter, the brick material is used for the dining table, the kitchen wall, and the floor with decorative tiles. A kitchen style that looks extremely soft and a bit classic.



A modern European-style kitchen uses wood materials mostly for space such as floors, kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables combined with natural stone materials. Plus, the presence of natural light brings brightness to this kitchen.



A European-style kitchen with fancy natural granite countertops and attention to detail gives this kitchen a sense of high-end luxury. In addition, if you look closely, you will see that the kitchen cabinets are in the same color as the kitchen, making them look really impressive. Next is the hanging lamp and wine cabinet placed in the middle of the kitchen space, this is a rather fancy kitchen style that you should refer to your home.



This kitchen is an iconic image of contemporary kitchen style. In particular, it is suitable for those who love nature and worship modernism because its highlights are natural light and outdoor views. A kitchen style that surely everyone wants to own, they use wood as the main combination of artificial stone countertops and glass doors to get the best light into the house.



This kitchen is taken from a European-inspired model house, a kitchen that breathes tradition but never lacks furniture. You can see the kitchen equipment inside including cooker hood, refrigerator equipment, lighting, gas stove, kitchen cabinets, bar, kitchen table, and traditional raw material wall tiles but very attractive.



A European-style white kitchen with custom-fitted hole-in-the-wall cabinets and large kitchen cabinets shows that the functionality of the kitchen is focused. The materials used include natural wood kitchen countertops, light-filled glass doors, and white marble kitchen countertops.

Above, HOMEMAS has shared with you 10+ most impressive beautiful European-style kitchen images of this year. If you are looking for materials for the kitchen and need advice on designing a beautiful kitchen. Please contact HOMEMAS today to receive the most suitable advice and suggestions for your project.



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