Marble is one of the most aesthetic and long-used building stone materials in the world, but marble has the disadvantage that it is dirty. Therefore  , regularly and regularly removing stains on marble is also the best way to maintain and use the stone better. 


Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất



Yellow stains on marble are probably not too strange for homeowners who use stone to decorate the interior of their home. After a long period of use, if not carefully preserved, it will be difficult to avoid this situation, which is usually caused by:

+ Not paying attention to stone preservation : During the period when each of us uses stone without any hygiene measures, proper marble maintenance will cause the stone surface to become dirty and scratched away. a lot of. These types of dirt easily penetrate into the scratches on the stone to create dark stains.

+ Using the wrong cleaning solution specifically for stone:  Not only does it stop there, but the improper use of too strong chemicals will also cause the surface of the marble to be corroded and the coating will gradually form. Yellow stains are difficult to clean.

+ Failure to promptly treat stains:  Drinking water or colored solutions such as tea, coffee, sauces, fruit juices, and grease are also very common causes of stains. Yellow stains right on the marble surface if they are not resolved and handled in time.


Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


It is true that marble has a pretty solid durability, optimal scratch resistance. However, when we proceed to remove stains on marble, you should also be very careful. If the stone surface is not cleaned properly, it will also affect the aesthetics and life of the material. 

Stone cleaning solution has too strong concentration

The misconceptions of customers about the stronger cleaning solution, the faster the cleaning effect will be. This is a very dangerous mistake that affects the life of every stain on marble. Because of the strong bleaching properties of the solutions, it will damage the enamel on the marble surface. 

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Using too much force to remove stains on marble

Indeed, cleaning with too much force on marble is not a smart solution. Because the stains that make the marble surface yellow will often be very stubborn, difficult to clean in the usual way, so if you use more force, you will not only not be able to clean it, but also waste your energy. , laborious and also easy to scratch the stone. 

As long as you know how to properly remove stains on marble, even just cleaning with a damp cloth will clean much better without damaging the stone surface. Thanks to that, the stains on the stone have just been completely removed, but the marble surface still retains its original shine. 

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Let the stain stick for too long

Another factor is that letting the stain stick for too long on the stone name without timely cleaning will also make it more stubborn and harder to clean. Especially typical stains such as tea, coffee, ink, etc. When the stains are new, we can gently wipe them and remove them with a damp cloth. But if the stain has been stuck for too long, you need to apply stronger methods to remove stains on marble. 

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Use a pot brush to remove stains on marble

This is also a way that a lot of people are using to be able to clean and scrub stubborn stains on the stone surface. These uses of iron rods to remove stains on this marble are completely unscientific. Iron plates are rough materials, if you regularly rub them on the surface of stone or other materials, it will also cause scratches that are unsightly.  

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


The removal and removal of stubborn yellow stains on the surface of marble, we also have many different methods. HOMEMAS will suggest you some great tips to remove stains on marble very simply

Use specialized cleaning machines to remove stains on marble

The use of specialized machines to increase efficiency in the cleaning process of stains, this is the perfect choice for professional installers as well as large areas to be cleaned. These types of stone cleaning machines when in operation will cause the polishing table to rotate at an extremely high speed to help remove the most stubborn stains on the stone. 

This can be considered as the most optimal solution, the best in removing stubborn stains and adding shine to the marble surface, we can also combine more specialized cleaners. to increase the efficiency of stone cleaning.

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Use baking soda powder

Have you ever heard of cleaning yellowed marble with baking soda? Possessing a large alkalinity, baking soda powder will often be used in cleaning dirty and yellowed surfaces.

+ First, we will use a towel to moisten and wipe the areas where the stone surface is yellowed. Then pour a mixture of baking soda with water (a thick yogurt-like mixture is fine) and add a little water to the place where the baking soda is poured. Next, use food wrap to cover that position, use tape to put the edges together.

+ Within 24 hours of leaving it, we will see that the baking soda powder will dry out and lead to many yellow stains. Next, use a paper cutter to lift all the baking soda powder on the surface of the marble, then wipe the stone clean.

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains on marble

The first note is that this method should only be applied on small stains, the stone lines are not too dark. Because hydrogen peroxide has a strong cleaning ability, they can bring out a lighter tone compared to the original color of the stone.

+ First, we will take a cotton swab folded to the same size as the yellow stains. Soak cotton swabs in hydrogen peroxide, remove them, and squeeze out excess water so the swab doesn't get too wet.

+ After the quiz, put a cotton swab impregnated with hydrogen peroxide right on the yellow stain, then we continue to use a food wrap to cover the gauze. Wait within 24 hours if the yellow stain is still there, then we continue to perform the above steps aga


Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất


Regular polishing for stone surface

Finally, in order for the marble surface to always be shiny and durable, polishing the stone every 6 months is a must. This method not only helps to completely remove the stains that stain the marble surface, but also helps the material to always be shiny like new. Periodic polishing of the stone surface is also a way to increase the life of the product.

Periodic polishing for stone surfaces is usually done by specialized machines by professional service units. Thanks to that, the cleaning process will be carried out quickly, without much impact on daily activities.

Top 4 cách tẩy vết ố trên đá marble hiệu quả nhất

In order for decorative paving stone materials for living space to be durable and beautiful over the years, you need to use and know how to properly clean the stone. The ways to remove stains on marble that HOMEMAS introduced just now are very easy to do and you can completely handle it yourself. HOMEMAS believes that, if you follow the instructions properly, very quickly stains and stains on the marble surface will no longer be a big problem when cleaning the stone anymore. 


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